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Empowering Your Health Journey: Dr. Kamilia Smith’s Comprehensive Care Approach

Just Getting Better welcomes Dr. Kamilia Smith to the show

Julia and Michelle dive deep into the topic of women’s health with special guest Dr. Kamilia Smith, the founder and director of Charleston House Gynecology based in Dallas, Texas. The episode kicks off with a candid discussion about personal experiences with menopause, including unexpected periods and the challenges of navigating hormonal changes.

Dr. Kamilia Smith
Dr. Kamilia Smith


  1. Embracing Vulnerability In Women’s Health 
  2. The Power of Personalized Care
  3. The Intersection of Physical and Mental Health
  4. Building Resilience Through Advocacy 

Dr. Smith emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to women’s health, addressing not just physical symptoms but also mental health and quality of life.

The conversation delves into the significance of hormone therapy in managing menopausal symptoms, including the benefits of local estrogen therapy for vaginal health. Dr. Smith highlights the comprehensive approach taken at Charleston House Gynecology, where women receive individualized care that considers their medical history, genetics, and overall well-being.

Charleston House

Julia and Michelle reflect on the societal stigma surrounding menopause and the importance of destigmatizing discussions around women’s health. Dr. Smith’s approach to gynecology is praised for its holistic and compassionate care, focusing on empowering women to advocate for their health and well-being.

Dr. Smith encourages all women to not only engage in open conversations about menopause, but to also seek personalized care, and prioritize their health during this transformative stage of life. The episode concludes with a message of empowerment and hope, emphasizing the importance of women’s voices and experiences in shaping their healthcare journey.


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