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Unleash Your Hair Potential: Shaz and Kiks’ Game-Changing Beauty & Wellness Rituals

In this week’s episode of Just Getting Better, Julia and Michelle dive into the world of hair care with special guests Shaz and Kiku, the founders of Shaz and Kiks, a hair wellness brand inspired by Ayurvedic principles.


  1. Discovering the Power of Ayurveda
  2. Navigating Hair Care During Life Changes
  3. Innovating with Natural Ingredients
  4. Personalized Wellness Rituals

Shaz & Kiks is a hair care brand inspired by Ayurvedic principles and practices. Founded by sisters Shaz Rajashekar and Kiku Chaudhuri, the brand aims to provide holistic and natural hair care solutions that are deeply rooted in their Indian heritage. They incorporate traditional Ayurvedic ingredients and methods, creating products that focus on the overall health and wellness of the scalp and hair.

They highlight the importance of holistic care and balance in Ayurveda, emphasizing the cultural significance of hair care in South Asian communities. The duo explains how their brand sources ingredients from small farmers in India while manufacturing the products in the United States, ensuring sustainability and supporting traditional communities.

Hair rituals hold a special place in Indian culture, deeply intertwined with a woman’s identity and familial bonds. In many families, these beauty traditions are more than just routines; they’re cherished moments of connection passed down through generations. Shaz and Kiku fondly recall their grandmother using time-honored Ayurvedic practices to create her own beauty treatments. She would skillfully blend natural ingredients from her kitchen and garden, crafting homemade concoctions that were as effective as they were nurturing. These memories are a testament to the rich heritage and enduring significance of these rituals in their lives.

Shaz and Kiku highlighted their innovative product, the pre-wash, which is a nutrient-rich mask that can be left on for extended periods, even overnight. They also shared their personal hair care rituals, showcasing how their products can be incorporated into daily routines. From using the pre-wash to air-drying techniques and scalp hydration sprays, the sisters provided valuable insights into maintaining healthy hair.

Finally, the conversation delves into the impact of hormonal changes on hair, especially during perimenopause. Shaz and Kiku provide insights into how their products address the challenges of fluctuating hormones and offer solutions for maintaining scalp health and hair growth.


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