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Introducing Season One



Christine is a motivational speaker and athlete. Her Wordshops span topics from body image to addiction and loss to corporate cultural growth and team building. 

When she’s not writing, leading Wordshops, or delivering keynote speeches, Christine is racing bicycles. She is a Masters World Champion and thirteen time Masters National Champion. 

As a Peloton Instructor, her classes are rooted in the science of cycling and the power of words. Her unique style of mindful motivation inspires members of the Peloton community, reaching devoted riders every day. 

Christine is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and a former master trainer for Schwinn Indoor Cycling. She has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and serves on the Boards of Directors of the StarTrack Youth Cycling Organization and The Kissena Velodrome.

You can find Christine on Instagram and at home in Pennsylvania where she enjoys cooking and renovating her turn-of-the-century home with her husband Brian, spoiling their two cats, and visiting with her daughter Victoria.



Denise Hamilton is a bestselling author, speaker and consultant who focuses on the people side of change. Whether it’s remote work, AI or a diversifying workforce, today’s leaders need new skills to navigate our rapidly changing world.

Denise is an irrationally optimistic believer in our ability to solve problems rather than just name them. Her superpower is the ability to discuss challenging topics and come out of the other side with positive direction and solutions. She equips leaders to build and retain future-ready teams that thrive in dynamic environments. Denise is a columnist for MIT Sloan Management Review.

Her thought leadership has also been featured on NPR, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Newsweek among many others. Denise’s first book, Indivisible, is available everywhere books are sold.



Sisters Shaz Rajashekar and Kiku Chaudhuri co-founded the hair care brand Shaz & Kiks in Austin, Texas in September 2018. The brand is inspired by Ayurvedic science and their Indian heritage, and the sisters learned about Ayurveda from their grandmother.

Shaz, with her background in engineering and product development, focuses on creating innovative and sensorial hair care formulas. She combines her passion for natural ingredients with a desire to enhance the beauty experience. Kiku, on the other hand, brings her academic background in South Asian Studies and a love for cultural heritage to the table. She is passionate about product development and digital operations, ensuring the brand stays true to its roots while being accessible to a broader audience.

Together, they manage the brand’s operations, with Shaz handling distribution and supply chain logistics, and Kiku focusing on product development. Their complementary skills and close relationship help them navigate the challenges of running a business together while maintaining a strong, cohesive vision for Shaz & Kiks.



With over two decades dedicated to championing female well-being, Dr. Kamilia Smith pours her passion into advocating for women’s health.

Beyond her 20+ years in female health, she is a relentless supporter of granting women the time and attention they deserve, extending far beyond the childbearing years. In 2019, she established The Charleston House, a Dallas-based concierge gynecology practice, driven by her unwavering belief in a personalized and comprehensive approach to women’s healthcare and wellness. 

In 2023, she launched a new program, Charleston House Too, that is dedicated to helping students during the pivotal years between high school to college and early adulthood.

Dr. Smith’s commitment extends across all stages of a woman’s life, delving into intricate aspects of well-being, including mental health, sleep, stress management, sexual dysfunction, obesity, and hormone balance. Her mission transcends conventional healthcare, as she passionately advocates for an evolved model that resonates with the demands of the modern woman. Driven by determination, she strives to discover innovative solutions, aiming to elevate and refine the care provided to women.



Dr. Akilah Cadet is the Founder and CEO of Change Cadet, an organizational development consulting firm that offers services that support embedding belonging into overall company culture, identity and strategy.

As a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur her work is behind some of the biggest brands you use everyday. Dismantling white supremacy through storytelling is at the core of her work as a leader, speaker, creative director, producer, writer, editor, co-owner of the Oakland Roots and Soul soccer teams, and author of White Supremacy is All Around: Notes From a Black Disabled Woman in a White World.

She literally has all the degrees, lives in and loves Oakland, CA, celebrates her disability, is a proud Beyoncé advocate, and has an incredible shoe game.



Julia and Michelle bring Season One to a close with unforgettable and candid chat on current news and events.