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Just Getting Better is hosted by acclaimed wine writers and friends Julia Coney and Michelle Williams

Meet Michelle

Michelle Williams approaches life with an undisguised passion. Whether promoting social justice initiatives, cultivating her pollinator garden, translating Medieval Spanish, or tackling a challenging workout, she does it all with zeal.
She is also an award-winning wine writer. In addition to her Forbes column, her work appears in numerous prestigious wine publications. Michelle’s writing examines the wine industry through an applied ethics lens, resulting in stories covering marginalized labor issues, wine geopolitics, vineyard destruction with EPA approved herbicide, cultivating old vines, impact of soil microbiome on fine wine, and the positive effect of diversity, to highlight a few. 

Michelle holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Texas at Dallas and an M.A. in History of the Christian Tradition from SMU’s Perkins School of Theology. Her master’s thesis extrapolated on the role of the church and Spanish monarchy in determining the humanity, subjugation, forced conversion, and mass killings of Amerindians in 16th to 18th century Latin America.

Michelle is also a member of the Circle of Wine Writers and holds an advanced certification from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. In addition to writing, Michelle is a wine educator, speaker, and judge, and co-host of Just Getting Better podcast. 


Julia Coney and Michelle Willams share a toast to their new adventure

Meet Julia

A lifelong Francophile, beauty lover and champagne aficionado, Julia is a Washington, D.C. and Houston, Texas-based wine writer, wine educator, speaker, and consultant. Her wine writing includes stories on wine, winemakers, and the intersection of race, wine, and language.

She is the Wine Consultant for American Airlines in partnership with the James Beard Foundation.
In 2018, she gained national attention when she published an open letter advocating for greater inclusion and diversity in the wine industry. Since then she has taken on two roles: journalist and advocate.

She is the Founder of Black Wine Professionals, a resource for wine industry employers and gatekeepers, professionals, and the food and beverage community. Their goal is to lift up the multifaceted Black professionals in the world of wine.