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From Self-Talk to Self-Empowerment: Christine D’Ercole’s Journey to Unleashing Inner Power

Just Getting Better

Julia and Michelle welcome the inspiring and empowering Christine D’Ercole to Just Getting Better this week.


  1. Embrace authenticity
  2. Rewrite your self-talk narratives
  3. Find strength and joy in your journey of self-improvement
Christine D'Ercole
Christine D’Ercole

Christine, an original cycling instructor at Peloton, a Schwinn Certified master instructor, Masters World Champion and a thirteen time Masters National Champion, shares her journey of self-discovery and empowerment through storytelling and self-talk.

The episode delves into Christine’s personal experiences with body image struggles, societal expectations, and the power of words in shaping our self-perception. Christine candidly discusses her transition from aspiring ballerina to model to competitive cyclist, highlighting the importance of rewriting our self-talk narratives to empower ourselves.

The conversation touches on various topics, including menopause, exercise, weight, sleep routines, and the importance of finding joy and strength in our bodies. Christine emphasizes the need for productive self-talk rather than just positive affirmations, encouraging listeners to recognize and change their internal dialogue.

The hosts and Christine explore the concept of being in the journey, embracing vulnerability, and finding motivation in challenging times. Christine shares insights into her “Wordshop” workshops, where participants engage in storytelling and writing experiments to transform their self-talk and empower themselves.


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