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Indivisible: Embracing Authenticity and Challenging Narratives with Denise Hamilton

In this week’s episode, hosts Julia and Michelle had the pleasure of hosting Denise Hamilton, an author, speaker, and consultant, to discuss her new book, “Indivisible: How to Forge Our Differences into a Stronger Future.”


  1. Breaking Free From Limiting Beliefs
  2. Challenging Broken Stories and Embracing Authenticity
  3. Strengthening Relationships and Embracing Self-Worth
  4. Preserving Your Giftedness: Nourishing Your True Self

The conversation delved into the importance of challenging traditional narratives, fostering authentic relationships, and embracing individual strengths.

Indivisible: Embracing Authenticity and Challenging Narratives with Denise Hamilton

Denise shares insights from her book, emphasizing the concept of indivisibility and the need to see the value in every individual. Drawing inspiration from historical figures like Harriet Tubman, she highlights the importance of courage and commitment in overcoming challenges.

The Intersection of Authenticity and Indivisibility

Denise challenges the notion of being twice as good to get just as far, advocating for self-acceptance and embracing individual strengths. She emphasizes the importance of being in relationship with oneself and others, fostering a culture of learning and growth.

The episode concludes with a reflection on personal growth and the importance of investing in meaningful relationships. Denise shares her commitment to rekindling connections and nurturing existing bonds, highlighting the value of authentic interactions in personal and professional settings.


ALL THINGS DENISE: Website | Her Book | Connect With Her On Social

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